Hi, I’m Tobias. I’m a film director and animator living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I graduated from The Animation Workshop with a BFA in Character Animation in 2010. Afterwards i studied Film Direction at the alternative film school Super16 in Copenhagen, graduating Fall 2014. I work with visual storytelling, film direction, artwork and animation.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or just want to say hi!

Film festivals and awards

The Sinking Of The Truth (2017)
Animated Documentary 8 Min
Prod: Anidox

Poznan International Animated Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama, Malmø 2018
Animatou Animation Festival, Swiss 2018
Linoleum Film Festival, Ukraine 2018
Turku Animated Film Festival, Finland 2018
Bucheon International Animation Festival, Korea 2018
ReAnima, Bergen Norway 2018
ZEBRA Poetry film festival, Münster Germany 2018
London International Film Festival, London 2018
International Short Film Festival Berlin, Berlin 2018

Børnefonden – 20 Years Of Change (2015)
Charity Film 4 Min
Prod: Nørlum

SPARK International Animation Film Festival, Canada, 2015
Winner – Best Commercial Film

Planes In The Night (2014)
Short Film 40 Min
Prod: Zentropa Stormtroopers

Copenhagen Dox, Denmark, 2014
Ekko Shortlist Awards 2015 Denmark, 2015
Winner – Grand Prix, Best Fiction, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score
Nominated – Best Male Lead, Best Script, Best Sound Design

A Doll’s House (2013)
Short Film 26 Min
Prod: Zentropa Stormtroopers

Copenhagen Pix , Denmark, 2013
Nordic Panorama, Sweden, 2013
Drama International Film Festival, Greece, 2013
Award – Best Production
Minimalen International Film Festival, Norway, 2014

Braget – Malk De Koijn (2012)
Music Video 5 Min
Prod: Zentropa Stormtroopers

Cph Pix Music & Sound, Denmark, 2013
Roskilde Festival Music & Sound, Denmark 2013

Touch Of Magic (2012)
Short Film 17 Min
Prod: Zentropa Stormtroopers

Copenhagen Pix, Copenhagen Denmark 2012
Odense Film Festival, Odense, Denmark 2011
Geneva International Film Festival, Schwitzerland, 2012
Balkancult Fondacija, Serbia, 2014

Birdcage (2011)
Screendance Film 1Min
Prod: Senia Dremstrup

60 Seconds Dance, Denmark 2011
Choreographic Captures, Hamburg Germany 2011
Pool Festival, Berlin Germany 2011

Ghost (2011)
Short Film 7 Min
Prod: Tobias Gundorff & Andreas Berg

A Night In Paradise, Århus Denmark 2010
Blue Whiskey Independent Film Fest, Illinoise Usa, 2011
Salt Lake City International Film Festival, Utah Usa, 2010
Nordic Panorama, Århus Denmark, 2010
Fantastic Film Festival, Lund Sweden, 2011
Geneva International Film Festival, Austria, 2011
Encounters, Bristol England, 2011
Fantastic Film Festival, Paris France, 2011
Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto Canada, 2012

Rtl Crime: Nightmares Come True (2010)
Animated Network Spot 0:30 Min
Agency: Serviceplan

Clio Award Shortlist (Best Animated Commercial)
Montreal Stop Motion Festival, Montreal Canada, 2011
Se-Ma-For Film Fest, Poland, 2011
German Commercial Films Awards Shortlist, Germany 2011

Out Of A Forest (2010)
Thesis Film 5:53 Min
Prod: The Animation Workshop

Wallabout Film Festival, New York City Usa, 2010
Award: “Best Picture”
Kinetoscope Taipei Animation Festival, Taiwan, 2010
Visions Of The Futue, Firenze Italy, 2010
Visions Of The Future, Miden Greece, 2010
Anima Mundi, Rio De Janeiro & Sao Paolo, 2010
Hamburg Animation Awards, Hamburg Germany, 2010
Award: “3Rd Place”
Odense International Film Festival, Odense Denmark, 2010
Award: “Most Surprising National Film”
Buster International Film Festival, Cph Denmark, September
3D Wire, Segovnia Spain, 2010
Festival Internacional De Benicassim, Benicassim Spain, 2010
Salt Lake City Film Festival, Utah Usa, 2010
Bornshort Festival, England, 2010
Topanga Film Festival, California Usa, 2010
Award: “Diamond In The Rough” Talent Award.
Animest International Film Festival, Bucharest Romania, 2010
Award: “Best Music Video”
Fantastic Film Festival, Lund Sverige, 2010
Sleepy Creek Film Festival, Fairmont Usa, 2010
Klik Internation Animation Festival, Amsterdam Holland, 2010

Best Of Klik Festival, Turin Italy, October 2010
Encounters Film Festival, Bristol England, 2010
Linoleum Festival, Moscow Russia, 2010
Århus Film Festival, Århus Denmark, 2010
Musicclip Festival, Barcelona Spain, 2010
Award: “2Nd Place; Best Upcoming Director”
Black Nights Film Festuval, Tallinn Estonia, 2010
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 2010
The International Youth Festival Of Short Cinema, Russia, 2010
Award: “Best Animated Film”
Minimalen International Film Festival, Trondheim Norway, 2011
Go Short International Film Festival, Nijmegen Holland, 2011
Chulpicine Film Festival, Equador, 2011
Montreal Stop Motion Festival, Montreal Canada, 2011
Maelstrom Fantastic Film Festival, Seattle Usa, 2011
Se-Ma-For Film Festival, Poland, 2011
Fijr Granada, Granada Spain, 2011
Canterbury Anifest, Canterbury England, 2011
Shortlist: “Best Film”
Play, Amsterdam Holland, 2011
Shortcuts, Berlin Germany, 2011
Anirmau, Lalin Spain, 2012
Phoenix Comiccon Festival, Phoenix Usa, 2012
Award: “Best Film”
Obidos Animation Film Festival, Obidos Portugal, 2012
Ana Sayfa, Film Hafizasi, Istanbul, 2012
Animpact Animation Festival, South Korea, 2012
Anifest, Prague Czech Republic, 2013
Mondo Quebec, Canada, 2013
Brandtford Film Festival, Brandtford England, 2013
Uppsala International Film Festival, Uppsala Sweden, 2013

Other Nominations And Prizes
Anoba Award 2010 Nominee, Helsinki Finland Oct. 2010
Melies D’or 2010 Nominee, Sitges Spain, Oct. 2010
View! Award Finalist, Turin Italy Oct 2010

Tellibill – Love Gave Her Scars (2008)
Music Video 2:20 Min

Redstick Animation Festival, Baton Rouge Usa, 2009
Amiens International Film Festival, Amiens France, 2009